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Planning Applications

The Council is normally notified on a Monday of planning applications received and registered by NSC. We will aim to post brief details of all planning applications on the website by the end of the week in which we’re advised. This will include the application number, the site location and a description of the proposal, together with a link (through the application number) to the NSC website where further information, comments, etc., should be available.  NSC also provide a map search facility which provides a wealth of information on planning matters.

The process under which planning applications are considered is usually as follows:

  1. Application details – plans, reports and photos of the site – are provided to the Council by NSC, with details posted on the Council’s notice board.
  2. The application is then considered by the Planning Committee when comments and recommendations are agreed prior to submission to NSC, with details recorded in the meeting minutes.

Other than in exceptional circumstances, planning applications are considered at the first Planning Committee meeting following our being advised of the application.  Details of the Council’s comments are published on the relevant NSC website pages and are not repeated on this site. If you send a comment on any planning application to NSC please also send a copy to the Council as these are not routinely forward to us. The minutes of Planning Committee meetings are available on the Meetings & Minutes page.

Current live planning applications are:

17/P/5376/FUL – Goblin Corner, Church Road, Redhill, BS40 5TE
Access from the public highway to Goblins Corner house and fields.

17/P/5246/FUL – Units 1 to 4, Railway Wharf, Station Road, Wrington
Change of use of 2 retail units to two-bedroom self-contained flats.

17/P/5204/FUL – Units 3 and 4, Railway Wharf, Station Road, Wrington
Change of use from Estate Agent to an Aesthetic Clinic.

17/P/5100/LDE – 13 Ashford Road, Redhill, BS40 5TH
Certificate of Lawful Development/Use for occupation of dwelling by person not employed in agriculture (breach of a condition attached to 925/65).

17/P/5058/FUH – 39 Butts Batch, Wrington, BS40 5LN
Roof alterations to create attic space and internal alterations to ground floor.

17/P/5105/FUL – Land to the west of A38, adjacent to Bristol Airport, Felton, Wrington
Change of use from agricultural field to managed grassland as part of the airfield with removal of hedgerow, erection of a fence and re-grading of land.

17/P/2541/F – Barley Wood Gardens, Long Lane, Wrington, BS40 5SA
Conversion of agricultural building to office & overnight accommodation.

17/P/2349/F – Worships Farm, Row Of Ashes Lane, Redhill, BS40 5TU
Change of use of barn to holiday let.

17/P/2257/F – The Bungalow Inn, New Road, Kingdown, Butcombe,
BS40 8DP
Two storey hotel following demolition of existing pub.

17/P/2118/F – Coombe Head Farm, Downside Road, Backwell, BS48 3DH
Temporary caravan (3.6m x 9.1m) for use as a farm worker’s dwelling.

17/P/1972/PDA – Land to west of Fir Tree Farm, 13 Ashford Road, Redhill, Wrington, BS40 5TH
New agricultural building.

17/P/0485/O – Land at Cox’s Green, Wrington
Outline application for up to 28 dwellings & access.  Details of appearance, landscaping, layout & scale reserved for a later application.

16/P/1291/O – Land at Cox’s Green, Wrington
Outline planning permission for 59 dwellings. Details of appearance, landscaping, layout, etc, reserved for a later application.

Details of all applications, live or decided, can be found on NSC’s website.

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