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We have tried our best to make this website usable by as many people as possible.

Some can find using the internet and websites difficult and many sites are not helpful to those with visual difficulties or other disabilities. While it is not practical to create a web­­site that everyone can use, designing this site with accessibility in mind means that more people can access its content.

Text size on this website can be adjusted on most browsers by pressing Ctrl and + to enlarge, or Ctrl and – to reduce, or by using the text size options at the top of each page.

The website meets W3C standards, which is an HTML validating system conforming to International Standard ISO/IEC 15445 – HyperText Markup Language, and International Standard ISO 8879 – Standard Generalized Markup Language (SGML), which basically means that in addition to W3C recommendations, it can also validate according to these ISO standards.

The website supports Internet Explorer 6+, Mozilla Firefox 2+, Safari, Opera 9+ and Google Chrome browsers.If you have any questions or comments, or feel the website accessibility could be improved, then please let us know.


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