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Street Lights

street light maintenance

If you see that a light isn’t working or suspect any other fault then please contact us. The column and pole mounted lights should have an identification code, eg. C3, although if you can’t find this then quote the road/street and nearest house number or name.

Unlike many other local councils, the Council is responsible for most of the street lights in Wrington and for a small number elsewhere in the parish. In fact, we currently own around 140 street lights, with these mounted on poles, walls or concrete columns. As a result we have to budget for the power supply as well as maintenance & repairs and, where necessary, the replacement of damaged or unserviceable lights.

The reason why the Council has this responsibility is historical. However, we recently chose not to accept ownership of the street lights in the Old Bell Court development and were not approached about the Lawders Orchard lights. These lights are the responsibility of the developer or residents association. Other lights which the council is not responsible for are those along the A38, in Church Court, Redhill, and the three orange lights in the elevated section of School Road.

In fact, the Council has a white light policy and all new lights are specified with white lamps (bulbs). We also require that, where practical, new lights are installed with ‘part-night photocells’ which switch off the lights in the early hours, the objective being to minimise power consumption. Unfortunately, it would be impractical to think of doing this with all the existing lights as some are now quite old and cannot be retrofitted with the necessary switching.

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