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Planning Applications

Details of all live planning applications in the parish can be found below.  NSC also provide a search facility and a map search facility which provides details of all applications, live or decided.

The process under which planning applications are considered is usually as follows:

  1. The Council is normally notified on a Monday of planning applications received and registered by NSC.   Details of the applications are available on NSC’s website (see links below).
  2. Applications are then considered by the Planning Committee which normally meets every three weeks (dates are available here).
  3. The Agenda for the meeting and a list of applications for consideration are posted on our notice board and, if possible, on Meeting Dates on the Home page.
  4. At the Planning Committee meeting comments and recommendations are agreed prior to submission to NSC, with details recorded in the meeting minutes (see the Meetings & Minutes page).
  5. If you send a comment on any planning application to NSC please also send a copy to the Council as these are not forwarded to us.

Current live planning applications are:

20/P/0629/LDP – Vosper Lodge, Red Hill, Redhill, BS40 5TG
Lawful Development Certificate for the use of 4 rooms as guest accommodation.

20/P/0540/FUH – 14 Kings Road, Wrington, BS40 5LW
Single storey rear extension, single storey front extension and two storey side extension following demolition of existing conservatory.

20/P/0498/NMA – Land at Cox’s Green, Wrington, BS40 5QR
Amendment to 18/P/2691/RM to allow a revision of landscaping.

20/P/0496/FUH – 39 Butts Batch, Wrington, BS40 5LN
Two single storey extensions.

20/P/0410/FUH – Northfield, Old Hill, Wrington, BS40 5SS
Single storey timber orangery.

20/P/0381/TPO – Cedar House, High Street, Wrington, BS40 5QD
Pruning of an Ash Tree.

20/P/0371/FUH – Oatlands Lodge, Wrington Hill, Wrington, BS40 5PL
Detached single storey workshop, single storey porch, two single storey rear extensions and works to boundary walls and fence.

20/P/0360/FUH – East Lodge, Long Lane, Wrington, BS40 5SA
Two storey extension following demolition of conservatory and lean-to.

20/P/0168/FUL – Land At Cox’s Green, Wrington
Application to vary condition 12 of 16/P/1291/O to amend timing of the flood drainage delivery.

20/P/0042/FUL – Land At Cox’s Green, Wrington
Attenuation basin (part of the drainage scheme).

20/P/0012/FUH – Elmdene, Cox’s Green, Wrington, BS40 5QU
Replacement of garage and car port with building to serve as pool room, garden store and motor bike/bicycle store with playroom/storage over.

19/P/2605/LDP – Railway Wharf, Station Road, Wrington, BS40 5LL
Replacement of existing hard standing and removal of the raised flower bed.

19/P/2514/FUH – Cinderford Cottage, Ropers Lane, Wrington, BS40 5NH
Two storey side extension & single storey porch following demolition of a store.

18/P/3251/FUL – Land At Cox’s Green, Wrington
Removal of a condition relating to the street lighting scheme for the 59 houses approved under 16/P/1291/O.

Decided applications relating to the Cox’s Green development

19/P/1893/NMA – Land At Cox’s Green, Wrington
Amendment to 18/P/2691/RM to alter the layout and appearance of some of the houses.

18/P/2692/RM – Appearance, landscaping, layout and scale of 4 houses approved under 16/P/1291/O.

18/P/2691/RM – Appearance, landscaping, layout and scale of 55 houses approved under 16/P/1291/O.

16/P/1291/O – Outline planning permission for the erection of up to 59 dwellings with access for approval. Appearance, landscaping, layout and scale reserved for subsequent approval

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