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Parish Wildlife & Natural Landscape

In our recent parish meeting we heard from Chris Sperring, a well known local naturalist and broadcaster.  We invited Chris to speak as we are concerned about the future of the parish landscape and its wildlife bearing in mind the pressures from development, especially from potential major developments.  We want to record our parish wildlife and we’d like you to help by noting what you see, then sending the information to the parish office.

A recording form is available here, which you can complete and return.  Alternatively just send us as many details as possible about what you see, when and where.

We’ll be really interested to hear about all wildlife, from what might be thought of as common birds to anything unusual, especially hawks, owls, bats, butterflies, moths, frogs, toads, snakes, beetles and unusual insects. For example, have you seen any hares or hedgehogs locally? Hedgehogs are now rare in many places, with populations becoming more isolated, and ensuring they can move freely between gardens will help these interesting nocturnal animals.  Also, please try to avoid using slug pellets which are harmful to hedgehogs, thrushes (also in decline) and other species which control slugs as part of their diet.

If you have a garden you can easily encourage more wildlife to visit, then perhaps even record what you see from inside the house. However small your garden is, some tips for wildlife gardening are here.

For further information on North Somerset and local wildlife you might be interested in the following groups and websites:

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