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The Council

Make a change, become a Parish Councillor! Local elections are taking place on 4 May.  This is an opportunity for you to represent your Community.  People from all walks of life are welcomed and needed to help shape the Community we live in.  Meetings take place monthly and cover a wide variety of issues within the Parish of Wrington.  Candidates can submit their nomination papers from 21 March to 4 April.  For more information on how to submit nomination papers see North Somerset Council’s website.  For further information or just a chat to discuss the role of a Parish Councillor and see if it could be for you please contact us. The official Notice of Election can be found here.

The Council currently has twelve members, with this somewhat less than the maximum number of sixteen. The parish comprises two wards, the South West ward which includes Wrington and can have up to twelve members and the North East ward with four members, with this including Redhill, Downside and the airport. Every four years anyone qualifying can stand for election to the Council. The next election is scheduled for May 2023.

Council meetings are usually held monthly (there is no meeting in August) and are usually open to the public, with time allowed for residents to address members outside of formal business. The meeting agenda is posted in advance on notice boards and on this website (see Meeting Dates on the Home page). The Planning Committee and Finance Committee meetings are also public meetings although Working Group meetings are informal and not public meetings. The Council has three Working Groups which meet to consider certain issues and then report back to Council meetings. The Working Groups are: Environment/Highways/Climate Change, Aviation and Recreational Facilities.

As a formal governmental body the Council has certain defined powers although it is not responsible for matters such as the collection of council tax, highways issues, waste collection services, education, housing and social services, all of which are the responsibility of North Somerset Council. For further information see the link below or call 01934 888888.

The Council’s affairs are managed by the Clerk, Fiona Burke. Fiona is responsible for any other staff employed or contracted by the Council, including the Assistant Clerk, Judith Bishop, who works closely with Fiona.

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