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Meetings & Minutes

Parish Council and Committee meetings are formal events. They have a clear purpose – to make decisions – and are not just forums for discussion. It is the Chairman’s responsibility to ensure that effective and lawful decisions are made at Council meetings. Decisions are generally taken by agreement and where necessary by a vote; in the event of a tied vote, the Chairman has a second or casting vote. The Council meets on the third Wednesday each month and the Planning Committee on a three week timetable. Other meetings are arranged as and when necessary.

The Annual General Meeting of the Council is usually held in May, except in an ordinary election year when the meeting must be held within 14 days of the Councillors coming into office. The business transacted at this meeting is as follows: the election of the Chairman and the signing of the acceptance of office, the election of the Vice-Chairman, the appointment of Members to each of the Committees and to outside organisations. All meetings usually take place in the John Locke Room. Agendas for Council meetings are displayed on notice boards and on this website (see Diary Dates on the Home page) at least three clear days before the meeting.

Parish Meeting

The Parish Meeting is not a meeting of the Council, it is a meeting of the parish electors. However, the Chairman of the Council calls the Parish Meeting and, if present, should chair it. Arrangements for the Parish Meeting are made by the Clerk, with the meeting generally held between 1 March and 1 June.  The Minutes of previous meetings are available below.  In 2019 the Meeting will be held on Wednesday 27 March at 7.00pm.

Meeting Dates & Minutes

Future meeting dates are available here, with the Minutes for Council and Planning Committee meetings available below.  Minutes for 2013 and earlier are available via the Wrington Village website here or through the Council office.

Parish Council Planning Committee
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