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Council Services

As the third tier of government parish councils are considered to represent the interests of local communities. Councils can exercise a wide range of powers over matters such as the provision of allotments, cemeteries, bus shelters, traffic signs, play areas, street lighting and community buildings, and they can have a variety of local maintenance functions. A full list is available here.

The Council’s property includes the Memorial Hall, the John Locke Building and House, the Recreation Field, the allotment site, the Broad Street toilets, the Mike Bush Paddock and the Old Quarry to the east of Wrington Hill, all of which are serviced and maintained as required. The Council’s responsibilities include street lighting, allotments, public conveniences, play area equipment and maintenance, dog bins, grit bins, grass cutting on some open spaces, notice boards and tree management.

Finally, do you know of someone who needs access to a computer or the internet? The Council offers computer and internet access for residents who don’t have facilities at home. This free service is available on Tuesday and Friday mornings. However, please contact us before coming as spaces are limited.

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